Things I Am Grateful For This Month

This is a segment where every month I’m going to talk about something or things that I am grateful for this month. This is mainly for myself I would just like to take the time at the end of every month to look back on all the positive things. This is for me to have a more positive mindset going in to the next month.

Without further ado, This month I am grateful for… good health. This is something that I think I take for granted most often. Is easy to let your health take a backseat when we’re in our day-to-day normal routines. I think that once the coronavirus got to be such a devastating virus and I began to many people all at very different ages losing their life’s. It began to really hit me how we are not invincible I am not invincible I could be just as susceptible to being sick as every other person on this planet. This made me really take a second look and how I treat my body. I am grateful that I have the body that I do, and that I am in good health. I took a foul to make sure that I treat my body with more respect and to take more steps to making sure I am maintaining the best level of health possible.

I am grateful for the food that I have in my pantry. Another thing the coronavirus has taught me is again how much we take for granted having the things that I have. I grew up and my family I didn’t have much and we had our fair share of waiting in food pantry lines for food for the week. Now that I’m an adult I am in a much better financial position this is not a worry of mine. This virus has really shed light on the homelessness problems across the world. Now making it even harder for them to find food. Making me feel sick to think of how many times I looked in my full panty, and full fridge and complained there was no food to eat. I will be more conscious of the way I buy my food and consume food. And I will start to donate food that I buy that I no longer want, or that I have no need for. We can all do a little part to make a difference.

And last but not least right now I am grateful for the freedom and time to do what I want. At first this stay at home order was hard for me, anxiety levels high and little to do at home but clean and exercise day, after day it began to really hit me. Although I am not working right now I realize that these few months has given me the time that I’ve always said that I never had. He gave me more time to spend with my significant other and my beautiful pets. Although we haven’t been able to see all of her family in my many nieces and nephews and I truly miss, we’ve been able to slow down for a bit and enjoy us. When this is all over when we get back into the grind of life I’m sure a part of me will miss being able to do things that I wanna do when I want to do them without being tied down to a 9-to-5 job. So I am enjoying the remainder of my time while I am still able to.

I’m looking forward to another month of growing and learning.

Until next time,