Top 10 Feel-Good Activities To Do Today

  1. Snuggle With Your pet. There’s nothing better than having a four legged friend. Animals. Science has proven that when you cuddle with your dog, it stimulates the brain’s production of Oxytocin (also called the “love hormone”) in both of you. This is the same hormone that is released during childbirth and when a mother breastfeeds her baby. It’s associated with the feelings of trust, empathy, and forming bonds. SO GIVE IT A TRY SCIENCE SAYS SO!
  2. Garden Outside. Pull some weeds or plant a few seeds. Planting for me is a creative outlet. you can design the garden of your dreams.Or you can be like me and stare at your garden in awe of how good you did. That always puts me in a good mood.
  3. Get Your Exercise On. I know I know the motivation to do this one is probably slim but its so goo for you! just 30 min a day is beneficial for your body. Even if it is a brisk 30 min walk is enough to get those endorphins to your brain! (another feel good bran chemical)
  4. Read A Book. I used to be such a book worm growing up, spending days in my room to finish a book because the story was so good. I can tell you from experience that sometimes getting lost in a good read is all you need. I’m sure you have some books around at home that you said you were going to read but haven’t. Now is the chance!
  5. Meditation. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. People also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline,and healthy sleep patterns. You can find a quick how to YouTube video to get you started. Your brain WILL feel better.
  6. Plan A Vacation. This is something that ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. There is just something about looking forward to a relaxing a fun trip, especially to a new place!
  7. Paint. You can get some cheap supplies at your local dollar tree if you don’t have some at home. Now now no one said your painting had to be good, or that you have to be good at paining. That is what makes it fun. get your family involved for a extra great time.
  8. Listen To Your Favorite Music. Music is a big part of my life, you can fine me singing 90% of the day. Blast it in your headphones if you need to be quiet or on a speaker and TURN IT UP! If able sing with it and really feel it.
  9. Start A Journal. Sometimes having a creative outlet is helpful to sort out your emotions. putting it on paper helps get it off your chest making you feel lighter. Try writing a little everyday.
  10. A Random Act of Kindness. For me this one is a no brainier. Have you ever had your fast food paid for by the person in front of you? Immediate gratefulness and gratitude. Then you do the same for the person behind you hoping the act continues to get passed on. There’s something about doing nice things for others that can not compare. Its always a good idea to do good things for other people always.